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ITC Angry Hog font

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About ITC Angry Hog

ITC Angryhog is a new typeface from Timothy Donaldson.

The British designer has been working recently on conceptual artwork created by hammering nails into various materials and found objects.

One piece comprises a copy of the Reader's Digest Guide to the Law nailed into a board and covered with red tape.

"I think there's a subconscious connection with this typeface" he explains referring to ITC Angryhog an aggressive-looking spiky display face that was a direct result of a notebook doodle Donaldson drew while working on the nail-driven sculpture/paintings.

"It's a metaphor I'm using a lot" he says.

The name Angryhog came out of nowhere out of free association.

"When you're working on a typeface on the Mac it demands a name from you which I find a bit confrontational" says Donaldson.

ITC Angryhog brings together Roman and Gothic influences in a quirky and sophisticated display face.

ITC Angry Hog font is available in OpenType, TrueType and PostScript (Type 1) formats for PC and Mac.


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