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ITC Vineyard fonts

ITC Vineyard Regular

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ITC Vineyard Bold

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ITC Vineyard Volume

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About ITC Vineyard

Although inspired by the engraved lettering on eighteenth-century English trade-cards, ITC Vineyard has unusual characteristics of its own.

The type retains some quality of copperplate scripts, but the differentiation between thicks and hairlines is not very sharp.

There are a few cursive forms, but most of the letters are romanized: they are almost upright and not joining.

Occasional flourishes are casually interpreted from various sources such as the lettering on trade-cards and writing masters' copybooks.

"I think it is a new kind of 'copperplate script' which is not too formal and easier to read," claims designer Akira Kobayshi.

Irregularities are apparent in the angle of caps and numerals, but the face's quirkiness gives a type page some friendliness rather than cold brilliancy.

ITC Vineyard is designed in two weights: regular and bold.

Each variation includes several extra characters such as an alternative lowercase 'd' with a long arm, a T-h ligature, swelled rules, and a pair of flourishes.

Swash caps are available for both weights.

The swash caps variation also includes oldstyle figures.

Kobayashi notes: "There are a few swash-cap lowercase combinations that collide or look awkward.

In that case, I recommend using the plain caps.

Setting all swash cap copy should also be discouraged."


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